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Experience the global marketplace at your fingertips!
Explore The Wishing Well, a women-owned minority business, for unique and beautiful gifts for yourself, family and friends.  We guarantee quality merchandise that will be the envy of others. Take a look, browse and enjoy the array of possibilities.

The Wishing Well Online Shop.  Explore the global marketplace at your fingertips!


Do you provide International delivery?


We provide services no matter your location. See something that catches your eye and live internationally? We can ensure that item will arrive on your doorstep. Additional shipping charges may apply.



How do I return an item?


Unused items may be returned to the shipping address at the buyer's expense. 



What is your return policy?


Returned items must be unused and returned within 30 days from the sent postage date. 

How do I track my order?


Once an order is shipped, you will receive a notification and will be provided a tracking number. 



What are your delivery options?


We offer standard delivery ranging from 1-5 business days, 2-day delivery and next day delivery depending on your needs. The Wishing Well will offer a standard flat shipping rate for any order containing 3 or more items. 


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