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Gold Crocheted Pouch
Silver Black Handcrafted Pouch
Gold and Red Pouch
Gold and Cream Handcrafted Pouch

These beautiful crochet pouches are made of 'kasab' gold or silver thread. Crocheting in 'kasab' thread is a old craft fform in India and was brought into the Indian sub-continent by the Mughal invaders during the late 16th century.   These pouches are lined with high quality sheer organza or satin.  Each pouch is hand crafted and unique.  With everything being machine-made and mass-produced hand crafting with kasab is a dying art.


Works great for wedding favors, jewelry, sachet, and much more.  Great for travel.  Pretty as well as practical.


We have a few in assorted colors and sizes. The displayed pouches are sized approximately from W3xL4, to W3xL5.

Please email us for prices, available sizes, and colors.  We are also taking special orders. 

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